Spielewiese and English

  • Dear international members of our community,

    we're trying to improve your experience with us and therefore are in the process of translating everything important to English on our homepage, teamspeak, discord and ingame for you. We're also providing English speaking/writing support members for you! Please be aware that no one in our team is a native English speaker atm and the ability to speak English differs by quite a lot throughout the team, we're trying our best but mistakes are inevitable, just be a little patient with us.:) If you find any mistakes in our posts, feel free to point that out, we won't be mad.:) If you have any requests regarding the international part of our community, just hit us up! We're also looking for international peeps who would like to join our team to become more divers and close the gap towards the English speakers more. If you're interested just contact us or check out our application forum (more details will follow).

    Kind regards