[GER/ENG] Changelogs Altis

    • Construction Dupe Bugfix
    • Construction Radius Exploit Fix
    • Crown Caps Reset Fix (Prison wages)
    • Kill distance removed
    • Loading Screen Bugfix
    • Special Mission "Flamer" deactivated
    • Auctionhouse Price Display Fixed
    • Respect will now be displayed in the Statsbar by default
    • Some BE Kicks fixed

    Everybody's Liebling is everbody's Volldepp.

    • Safe/Crate Inventory DB Bugfix
    • Special Missions should appear again after Restart
    • Concrete Searching Time decreased to 2 minutes and concrete scavenge increased to 2 cement bags per concrete block
    • ESM Bot should work after the restart again with the new Server ID tudk_swaltis
    • Construction Mode has no longer reactivation restrictions
    • Some Network Optimization
    • infistar Fix -> less random kicks

    Everybody's Liebling is everbody's Volldepp.

    • Base/Vehiclepaint should not be restricted by infistar anymore
    • Mission Names got changed to just "Mission" for normal bandit missions
    • Armed AI Offroad shouldn't follow you around the map anylonger
    • You can use your rope on Mission Crates again (you have to get out of the chopper first)
    • You get a notification now when using a Parachute that you can use SHIFT+ALT+X to detach the parachute
    • XM8 shouldn't crashed anymore
    • XM8 VG-App Exploit Fix
    • Auction House: There is a maximum of 30 listings per player now
    • Map Marker Fix
    • 5 new Skins for your vehicle added (Vehicle Paint)
    • You should be able to move the crates of the new special missions onto your vehicle
    • BaseUpgrade Logs Updated
    • „Research Camp“ is accessible again

    Everybody's Liebling is everbody's Volldepp.

  • - Number of people that need to be online for raids was increased from 10 to 25

    - Recipes for all breaching charges have been changed

    - Extension Cords have been removed from Hardware Trader

    - The hackfail rate has been increased

    - Missions no longer spawn trucks by default

    - Chance that AI have rocket launchers has been decreased

    - Bases will now be unlocked after having a flag stolen (and not restoration) after 4 days and completely deleted after 5 days, counting from the time the flag has been stolen

    - ArmA Server updated to latest version

    Sorry that there haven't been too many updates the last few days since I have been pretty busy. More will follow this week, including a bigger update.

    Everybody's Liebling is everbody's Volldepp.

  • Fixed multiple Bugs
    - Added "Crown Caps Shop"- App for buying and placing ArmA Objects (more details later)
    - Fixed Crown Cap Bug
    - Fixed BattlEye Bug
    - More Updates and Bug Fixes, as well as Balance changes will follow next week

    - Deactivated !fixgear for now because of exploit mechanics

    Everybody's Liebling is everbody's Volldepp.